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About Us

Louis’ passion is to help business owners use reliable financial information to better understand their business and to maximize profits. His expertise includes working with leading accounting software products, MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero. Louis has worked with over 800 past and present satisfied clients who have saved thousands of dollars as a result of improved systems and monitoring of financial performance.

Louis’ skills and experience include:


- Importers

- Construction

- Equipment hire

- Retail


- Producing management reports to help businesses to focus on profitability and improving financial performance

- Financial analysis and forecasts using specialized software

- Financial diagnostics using specialized software

Louis’ education, training and experience include:

- Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) - University Of Port Elizabeth 1989

- Post Graduate Diploma in Accountancy - University Of Port Elizabeth 1991

- Professional training during 3 years at Price Waterhouse CAs (Audit) 1992

- MYOB Approved Consultant (since 1997) - MYOB NZ Ltd

- QuickBooks Accredited Trainer (since 1999) - Quicken NZ

- Infusion Certified Partner (from 2009) – Infusion Accounting Software

- Xero Certified Advisor (from 2009) – Xero cloud based accounting

- Microsoft Products - Advanced user of Excel spreadsheets

- Data Analysis - Exchange of data between software applications

- Winforecast Professional - Financial forecasting software

- Optimist – Advanced financial diagnostics software